5 Holiday Homes That Are Perfect To Host Your Next Special Occasion

by Team Vista
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From your best friend’s exciting birthday bash to an idyllic marriage proposal, special occasions always call for memorable celebrations. Above everything, there is no greater joy than gifting your loved ones with beautiful moments that turn into unforgettable memories.

Special Ocassions

We at Vista cannot wait to be a part of your amazing experience. We have exclusively curated a list of 5 luxurious holiday homes that will ensure you have a whale of a time!

Praanam, Alibaug

Rooms: 6

Pranaam, Alibaug

With the pandemic sabotaging travel plans, why scratch your heads over places beyond reach, when a jewel lies right next to you? Justifying its name, Pranaam offers you nothing but a warm and cozy welcome. A classic paradigm of luxury, its exemplary architecture will indulge you in an experience beyond imagination. A private pool to lounge in perfectly complements the hammock that serves as a spot for leisure reading. While you luxuriate in the opulence that exists here, your children are equally taken care of with a trampoline, slides, and a play area amidst the lush lawns. We are sure, this is already listed on your staycation bucket list by now. Did we forget to mention; a beach lies right next to this beautiful villa?  If not, what are you waiting for? Come visit us already!

Cowboy Castle, Panchgani

Rooms: 7

Cowboy Castle, Panchgani

This magnificent villa will take you to cloud 9. And we mean it too literally! Nestled amidst the picturesque location of Panchgani, Cowboy Castle lets you converse with the clouds. Waking up to a stunning valley panorama in the chilly mornings and a wooden architecture that keeps you warm and snuggled through the day, this is the paradise you have always dreamt of. Find us a better companion than a hot cup of cocoa reading your favorite book by the bonfire. Heavenly isn’t it? This dream house offers you life, truly king size. Guess what? You are just a click away from turning this fantasy home into a reality.

NayoNash Villa, Lonavala

Rooms: 3

NayoNash Villa

NayoNash by Vista Rooms sets a precedence of opulence and grandeur. This stunning property offers a serene private pool that will leave you awestruck. Relaxing in the in-house spa facility and lounging by the private lawn can help you unwind and alleviate your work stress. Inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s painting of a cottage near a pond, this home will definitely ensure your next booking even before you depart the very first time. With an alluring view of the pond, aesthetic interiors, an ideal oasis, this home sets itself apart from the rest. Once you visit a paradise like this, only another home at Vista can match up to the benchmark set by itself. 

Ashore By Vista, Goa

Rooms: 6

Ashore By Vista, Goa

Unlike every unsuccessful Goa plan, this extravagant villa will practically enchant you towards itself. Ashore by Vista not only tickles your aquaphile bones but attempts to dig on them! If you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to satiate your cravings for a waterfront villa, this is it. Stray no more. This villa offers you a slice of nirvana. A mini theatre, indoor games, a terrace, and a steam room are a few notable features that make this home worth revisiting. The contemporary architecture will want you to lounge in, but the beach will tempt you to venture out. Either way, it is all about luxury, isn’t it!

Nihira Farms, Kamshet

Rooms: 4

Nihira Farms

Saving the best for the last, Nihira Farms Kamshet is everything your staycation bucket list demands. From dining amidst a beautiful lake adorned by the sprawling foliage, to an alfresco that opens you to the limitless sky, this villa is nothing but pure bliss. Relive your childhood nostalgia with the mango orchard that surrounds the lawn. An attached gazebo by the lake can serve as a perfect spot for your dreamy breakfast date or a romantic candlelight dinner or even both. Nihira Farms constitutes a unique combination of a tropical hill station. Live in the moment and disconnect yourself from the stress and responsibilities of work-life at Nihira. See you at the villa soon! 

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