Pondicherry-Mysore-Coorg Road Trip – Here’s Where To Halt

by Riya Bagaria
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The recent relaxations in travel restrictions certainly call for a road trip; our suggestion being a scenic Pondicherry to Coorg road trip, en route Mysore. Though 14 hours long, and approximately 537 km. in distance, needless to say, that the road trip from Pondicherry to Coorg is quite a ride; but serene routes, local cafes and splendid landscapes are guaranteed. Hence why not make this winding road trip, a full-blown getaway, complete with sightseeing and pit stops. Experience what each city has to offer, discover the hidden gems, and head off to off-beat destinations. Soak in what each city has to offer.

Here’s where you can halt at your every stop.


Pondicherry to Mysore – 459 km./9.5 hours 

Mysore to Coorg – 118 km./3 hours 


Your starting point is the beautiful city of Pondicherry. A quaint town in the south of India, Pondicherry or the French capital of India, as it is endearingly referred to is a city swathed in narrow lanes, scenic shores and delectable food. Housing narrow french bylanes, cafes by the beach and homes splattered with vibrant colours, this town is no short of a delight. Needless to say that your start point is brimming with unexplored gems, awaiting your arrival. So, before you start your journey, here’s where to halt. 

Paradise Beach 

Pondicherry houses pristine beaches, and Paradise Beach is no exception. Justifying its name, Paradise Beach is a slice of paradise. The gentle drumming of waves, the sand under your bare feet and the sun setting down, painting a perfect picture. Your road trip would be incomplete without a pitstop at Paradise Beach. 

Baker’s Street 

Pondicherry is known for its French Quarters, and Baker’s Street is famed for its delectable French food. The street is lined up with quaint cafes and ambient restaurants serving lip-smacking delicacies. From quiches to pies to croissants, your French indulgence is right at your tips!

The vibrant French Quarters of Pondicherry


After about 9 hours, you will arrive at your next stop, i.e. Mysore, boasting the famed palaces, monuments and gardens. Boasting the famous Mysore Zoo, and the exuberant Mysore Palace, this city is much more than that. The usual itinerary generally includes the temples and the waterfalls, however, while you are passing through Mysore, here are a few pit stops you should definitely make.

Chamundi Hills

If you are looking forward to cherishing magnificent views, Chamundi Hills is your answer. It is almost customary to visit Chamundi Hills when in Mysore. Overlooking the most breathtaking landscapes, wait here till dusk, and savour the captivating sunsets while here! 

Mylari Hotel 

A humble, six-bench eatery, Mylari Hotel is a restaurant serving authentic dosas and idlis. End your Mysore halt with a delectable meal here. Serving traditional, soft Mylari Dosas, garnished with a spoonful of butter, idlis and more, your Mysore halt is going to be something you look forward to. A must-try here is also the Alu Masala and Mini Dose.

The bustling market area of Mysore


Coffee, wilderness and verdant greenery are words often associated with Coorg, the Scotland of India. Offering solace and comfort in heaps, your final destination after approximately 14 hours offers spectacular views that make it all worth it. Known for its coffee estates and verdant wilderness, Coorg offers much more than that. So while you are here, soaking in the raw beauty of this gorgeous hill station, we suggest you experience the best of Coorg here! 

Honnamara Kere 

One of the most serene and blissful places in Coorg, Honnamara Kere is a gorgeous lake. One of the largest lakes that this city has to offer, and is located in the Dadamalthe Village. Swathed in the pure air, manmade caves and infinite coffee plantations, this hidden gem is not visited by tourists alot. Adding to its charm is the serendipity and quietness of this lake makes it a must-visit for all nature-lovers. 

Namdroling Monastery 

An escape from the cacophony of the city life, Namdroling Monastery serves as a sacred sanctuary for all. It boasts a 40 ft. tall golden Buddha statue and the walls here adorned with beautiful paintings. Popularly known as the ‘Golden Temple,’ the Tibetan architecture makes this monastery a worthwhile visit.

The breathtaking views in Coorg

Now that you know everything, what are you waiting for? Take a solo road trip or a trip with your friends, either way you are guaranteed a blissful time away!

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