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by Riya Bagaria
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The pandemic has made us more adaptable. We learnt new and innovative ways of making things work, including celebrating special occasions with loved ones. With relatively relaxed restrictions, it is time to start regrouping with family and friends to celebrate the big and little moments, because virtual calls will no longer cut it.

Intimate gatherings have become the new cool and it is the perfect way to experience the beauty of truly being around our loved ones. Vista’s holiday homes offer private, secluded spaces, away from crowds and perfect for a small celebration or a large reunion!

But, as they say, with more power comes more responsibility and an extravagant event requires attention to detail. Fortunately for you, we can take care of that. From the location to the décor, to the food, the sitting arrangements, and the entertainment, we do it all. Be it a product launch, corporate offsites, an anniversary or even a personal milestone, we got you. We will ensure that your celebration is elegant, extraordinary and unforgettable.

While we tick off things to do from the long checklist, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Here is a sneak peek of the kind of events we host.


Personal milestones should be celebrated, big or small. And anniversaries are overwhelmingly personal. It is a celebration of the love of 2 people that they have shared for so long. Be it your 6 month anniversary or 50 year anniversary, we do it all! The theme can be customised down to the T. The number of people attending, to if you want anything personal to be reflected in the decor, mirroring your memories and good times together, to the location, everything will be decided exactly according to the way you want it. From a couple’s massage at Vista Palma, to a small celebration with your near and dear ones at Open House, Pune, since it is your celebration, it is your way!


Regardless of if it is your 21st, 25th or 50th, we are here to celebrate you! Be it a weekend getaway with your friends or a sit-down dinner with your family, we are here to ensure that your day is just how you imagined it to be. For all those who love elaborate birthday celebrations, a 2-day extravagant celebration at Casa Ela, Lonavala is ideal. And for the ones who aren’t fans of birthday celebrations, a small sit-down dinner would just be perfect for you!

Product Launches

Be it professional or personal, milestones should be celebrated and appreciated. Product launches are such events that need to create a certain impression and belief. What a better way to do that than to have all your interested stakeholders under one roof. A beautiful property like Aanandum is perfect. Not only will you be able to personally cater all interested parties but also leave a lasting impression. All you need to worry about is leaving an impact while we take care of everything related to the event!

Corporate Offsite

Corporate off-sites are necessary, not only to boost the morale of the employees but also to ensure that a certain work-life balance is achieved. While most companies opt for a day trip because of the sheer number of people, others also choose to stay the night, in case of a small group. Well, whatever you need, it can be arranged! From a karaoke night at Gatsby House to a trivia night at Amor Vista, we do it all.

Baby Showers 

Regardless of whose baby shower it is, the parents’ life is going to be changed forever. Soon, every aspect of the parents’ lives will revolve around the baby, sleepless nights and stinky clothes will become the new normal. Hence, the soon to be mother deserves a night celebrating her! Have a picture perfect baby shower with all those coloured ribbons, gifts and delectable food at Wooden House, Vada.

Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Pre-wedding photoshoots are the rage now. Not only is it a pre-celebration of the upcoming festivities, but they also serve as wholesome memories for the future. All those romantic and candid moments of your life need attractive, photogenic locations. Fortunately for you, our holiday homes are just that! From bohemian to rustic to modern, what you seek shall find you. Have a pre-wedding shoot at Volendam Acres, an incredible farmstay with vast expanse of land covered in crops. Or opt for a much more modern destination like Vista Valencia in Lonavala.


Close-knit affairs have become the norm now. Now, people are increasingly opting for a rather small gathering than splurging on a large one, which has been true for weddings as well. Whether you wish for a small destination wedding or a grand 5-day function, we got you covered. Opt for an elaborate destination wedding at the picturesque Shivom Villas, Lonavala or if you prefer a small event, Cops Canopy, Chandigarh is ideal!

We want to celebrate you! Hence, what you say will be our holy grail. A safe and secure celebration awaits you! All your celebrations will be taken care of, hence let us take the reign while you enjoy the party!

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