5 Training Tips for your Staff to Improve Guest Experience

by Team Vista
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Frequent travellers always pay great attention to the hospitality of a vacation place before finalising their plans. And it is for a reason. When guests are welcomed with warmth and personalised attention, it deepens the whole experience altogether. Sometimes, guests choose to keep coming back only for the outstanding service that makes them feel joyous and at home. After all, to make your Vista villa experience stand out on the hospitality front, we’ve curated a few easy tips on training your staff to ensure they raise the bar for outstanding service.


While their excitement is soaring, it can be a dampening start if the check-in process is delayed.  As they say that the first impression is the last, so it is imperative that on the days of new guests checking in, the staff reaches beforehand and makes the necessary arrangements to avoid any delays. Also, if there are any unforeseeable delays, the staff should politely and patiently explain the situation to the guests, if possible before they have reached the premises. Delays are a sour start to a holiday and one should be very mindful of it. Also, ensuring meals are served on time, the rooms are serviced in a timely fashion etc go a long way in building a great reputation.

Up-to-date information

It is a vacation for a reason! Guests do not want to get involved in mundane activities or troubleshooting as they solely want to unwind and relax. For this reason, the staff should be well-versed in the workings of different appliances like the jacuzzi, dishwasher, microwave, swimming pool etc. Additionally, it is very helpful if they are well informed about the place and the surrounding areas to suggest any recommendations like activities for the kids, treks or trails, or must-try local delicacies. Along with this, the staff should be aware about the latest information on COVID-19 to ensure right maintenance and safety is offered to your guest.


The staff should know every corner of the house at the back of their hand. Regular visits to the property to check the upkeep is a must. If the house is left unattended for a long time, a thorough inspection of the entire place should be carried before welcoming guests, They should be trained to keep the house spic and span, raise any alarms when things are not working well or if any repairs are needed.

Personalised service

Personalised service in today’s times is a clear winner! You must train your staff to cater to the guest’s needs adequately. The property staff should have clarity on what is feasible and act accordingly since guests can have different demands and requests. It is also vital to ensure that they understand the balance between personal boundaries and catering to their needs. There is always a polite way to refuse the request without disappointing the guest. It is also a good practice to take suggestions from guests and implement them next time if feasible.


Vacations are all about smiles and guests like to be greeted with happy and smiling faces. It makes them feel acknowledged and creates an air of warmth. Appropriate greetings and a formal code of conduct should always be followed. Good, well-mannered staff can go a long way in ensuring that the guests have a memorable stay and make them want to come back.

The location, ambience, amenities, and reviews are surely most important when it comes to planning a holiday, but what makes a holiday noteworthy and cherishable is the hospitality and warmth they feel while at your home.  

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