Himachal Pradesh – Travel Guidelines and Revised Restrictions

by Riya Bagaria
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With travel restrictions in several states being lifted and in others eased, everyone is looking forward to travelling and exploring places nearby. With the much-needed decline in cases throughout the country, states across India are observing relaxations, including Himachal Pradesh. 

The state government announced the relaxation of several COVID restrictions, the most important being the fact you wouldn’t have to carry an RT-PCR negative test report. Following this, a spurt in tourists was seen with an abundance of vehicles seeking to enter the Himachal, leading to the traffic coming to a standstill. Being a hill station galore, travellers enthusiastically flocked around the state. It was reported that at least 5000 vehicles entered Himachal post the relaxation of COVID restrictions. 

To curb this and ensure restricted movement, the state government of Himachal Pradesh has released a new set of travel guidelines. While travellers still won’t have to carry their negative RT-PCR test reports, everyone looking to enter Himachal will have to apply for an E-pass. The aim is to monitor the number of tourists entering the state. Applicants will be required to submit all details on the online system, which will then be shared with the concerned stakeholders. 

The state government has also reiterated that the flouting of COVID restrictions in the state will not be tolerated. Police reserves have been deployed to manage the huge inrush of tourists into the state. Patrolling parties have also been appointed to ensure that tourists adhere to all the COVID rules and regulations. 

With COVID restrictions being lifted across the country, everyone is looking forward to travel, however, the battle with the virus is still on, and it is imperative that overcrowding is avoided and social distancing is maintained.

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