How To Prepare Your Villa Rental for the Travel Industry Re-opening?

by Kirti Kabra
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It’s time to say goodbye to 2020! A year that witnessed the aftermath of a pandemic. As the travel industry weathered the storm briefly hitting a halt, it has now resiliently come back with a bang. 

As preferred hotels take a back seat, discerning travellers are choosing well-managed and well-maintained private villa rentals that promise low human interactions, high safety measures, reliable amenities and that “home away from home” feeling. While travelling for leisure remains popular, escaping the confines of your home for extended workations is gaining grounds. 

With the eagerness to travel is at its peak, here are some helpful tips to ensure the readiness of your villa to welcome travellers: 

1. Upgrade Your Cleanliness and Hygiene Protocols

Periodic deep-cleaning within and outside the property premises and a semi-deep clean after every guest checks out, are an absolute must. Install sanitizer stations or offer mini sanitizers throughout the villa. Clean, disinfected kitchens are a winner, as is disinfecting pools and equipment (like gyms) between uses. Restrict unregistered guests’ entry to common areas without masks. Inform the guests about the measures adopted, the new house rules and procedures implemented for safety.

2. Prioritize The Health & Safety of Your Staff

Staff members should have regular temperature checks and refrain from duty in case of any COVID-19 symptoms. It is imperative to train them on cleaning protocols, with an inventory of gloves, sanitizers, and special cleaning equipment at the property. Explain social distancing and the need for wearing a mask while on duty.

3. Revamp Your Space

A fresh splash of paint and upgraded aesthetics can dramatically enhance the look of your property. Place fresh flowers or fruit baskets for a more inviting vibe. Fix those minor repairs, wall and floor stains to make your space look spotless. Check all appliances are in working conditions, including lamps, ACs and digital gadgets. Ensure outdoor and indoor furnishings are in good condition. Properties with pools should check filtration systems and general functioning if they have been out of use for a while.

4. Improve Customer Experience

Loyal guests are the best form of word-of-mouth referrals. Inculcate a guest feedback culture – understanding what a customer likes, dislikes, wants to improve etc. goes a long way in upgrading the property experience.

While amenities, views and prices help narrow down a property, how the guests “feel” during the stay most often decides that 5-star rating. Little things like ergonomic chairs, workstation stationery, Netflix enabled devices, games and books add an extra touch of warmth to your villa. Keeping in mind travel limitations offer flexible cancellation policies and curating experiences that make a difference. 

With the travel industry opening up to the new normal, as property owners, we assist you to be agile, nimble and adaptable. Travellers earnestly want to travel and your sanctuary will give them the abode they deserve. 

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