Travelling to Goa? Guidelines You Must Know

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After months (maybe even years) of planning that perfect trip to Goa with your friends (yes, the one that got ‘postponed’ multiple times), you managed to get everyone and everything in place. It was finally happening, until COVID-19 brought your life and plans to a standstill. Yet another Goa plan goes down the drain. 

Nonetheless, you have reason to celebrate again. Goa has reopened its borders for tourists and is welcoming you with open arms (+ masks!) The Government has given permission to 250 hotels to resume operations, while following safety norms, social distancing, and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Here are a few safety guidelines and precautions (issued by the Government) that you must keep in mind before you start packing your bags. 

Pre-book your stay

No impromptu plans this time. (Read till the end to know about the safe, private villas in Goa where you can stay).

Get Tested

You need not be under quarantine if you carry a COVID-negative certificate that has been issued in the last 48 hours. So, make sure you get tested before your trip to make the best of your stay in Goa!


You will have to provide a self-declaration form at the hotel you will be staying at, stating your medical health and the absence of any symptoms. 

Safety Screenings

At every entry point into Goa, you will be screened with a non-contact thermal gun thermometer. Mandatory documents will be verified at tourism kiosks. A swab may also be collected for testing.

If you do not have a COVID-negative certificate, you will have to quarantine yourself until you get your results. If negative, you can continue your holiday. In the unlikely event of the test results being positive, you will have the choice of returning to your state for treatment or undergoing it in Goa.

Where can you stay?

During these unprecedented times, it is best to choose a safe and hygienic environment away from crowds. Wouldn’t it be safe, not to mention, absolutely fantastic, if you have a private house to yourself, perhaps close to the beach and with a private pool? What about taking a villa in Goa to rent with your friends? 

Seaview Serenade

This vibrant seaside home is a perfect treat for your family. The gorgeous, picture- perfect view, swimming pool and private garden are few of the many things you will love about this villa. Make the most of the attached balconies to enjoy panoramic views of the sea, and gather around a bonfire in the evening to enjoy Goa’s beautiful weather.

Wings on Water

This beautifully decorated home lies on the banks of a river where wader birds nest. Within the home, there’s a shared pool, a snooker table, and more entertainment options. What adds to the charm of the place is the fact that the outhouse was originally a ferry jetty and used until the adjacent bridge was built. On some of the wooden columns, even today, one can see the dates written way back to 1937.


A perfect experience fit for royalty, this luxurious villa features a gorgeous living room that opens right into the swimming pool. The pool, flanked by a lounging sit-out, beckons for some enviable fun. The comfortable four poster beds are inviting, to say the least, and you may be tempted to spend your entire vacation time lazing there.

If you just answered that with “Hell, yes!”, then we have some of the best selection of luxury villas for you. Check out these homestays and villas by Vista Rooms in North and South Goa, that are perfect for group getaways. Most importantly, the villas conform to utmost safety and hygienic protocols recommended by WHO and Stay Safe Council. So, you have nothing to worry about!

Enjoy your privacy, carry your masks and sanitizers, and don’t forget you must continue practicing social distancing, no matter where you are!

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