Vista Takes Charge: Working Towards Preventing Coronavirus Spread

by Kirti Kabra
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At Vista, the safety and health of our guests, homeowners, and employees is our absolute priority. To protect against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), our support systems are more important than ever. In the wake of this outbreak, Vista Rooms stationed precautionary measures towards the wellness and safety of their employees, on-ground and behind the scenes. 

Right from essential practices like circulating instructive guides that provide detailed information about the disease and its preventive measures, all villas were packed with safety amenities, including hand sanitizers and disinfectants. 

As for precautions taken on ground, the villa caretakers were specially trained to practice extra cautiousness towards sanitizing and cleaning all areas of the property. Additionally, any on-ground staff members who were not up to their best health were keenly attended to. All in all, a host of additional safeguarding measures were taken to make the guests feel safe and at peace with their surroundings. Going forward, Vista has carefully curated a standard operating procedure for all properties to be implemented post lockdown, which includes further precautions towards the safety and utmost care of all guests and staff personnel. 

As the spread continues to escalate, we can all help the situation by staying at home and practicing social distancing. However, despite the current circumstances, we have personally encountered many selfless individuals and organizations who have come to the forefront to contribute in all ways possible. Among many, Vista Rooms has partnered with Everest Fleet, who is serving Mumbai city by providing access to hygienic private vehicles for those working at Hospitals, Pharmacies, Banks, and other Essential Services, and to those who need to step out for Medical Treatments. 

Similar contributions were also seen by individuals who took it on themselves to serve the policemen who worked day and night to protect the people by offering them home cooked meals, helped sanitize their surroundings, and bring a smile on their faces. A similar initiative was also taken by Feeding India led by Zomato, which aims to provide food assistance for families affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, hoping for ‘zero hunger’. 

We recognize that the current state of affairs has a significant impact on everyone. Know that at Vista, we have taken every step to adopt more flexible policies at this testing time. We all need each other’s support to combat this global crisis and hope to come out of it stronger and more united. Stay in now, so we can all vacation later!

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