Everything You Need to Know About Vista Rooms Booking Guidelines

by Kirti Kabra
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In light of the current scenario, Vista Rooms has remodeled its entire approach towards ensuring guest and staff safety. We are working towards securing a healthy and safe environment in all our villas, so our guests can travel worry-free. 

Take a look at our newly devised Booking Guidelines, that are specific to bookings post lockdown – 

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Continuing with Vista’s Standard Cancellation Policy, guests can cancel their booking 14 days prior to the check-in date. Additionally, guests will have an option to reschedule their bookings to any date in the following 6 months, subject to cancellation being for reasons related to COVID-19. This is applicable for any check-in date until 30th September.

Dedicated Self-Quarantine Room

Each villa will have at least one room that is not available for booking. This is primarily precautionary to ensure if any guest gets sick, he/she can use this room to self quarantine. This would be an optional policy for the guests.

Maximum Number of Guests per Booking

In order to prevent the villa from crowding, there will be a restriction of maximum 3 guests per room (adult or child), including nanny, driver or any other helping staff. 

24-hour Window

There will be at least a 24-hour window between consecutive checkouts, in order to disinfect and clean all living spaces in the villa. 

Room-Wise Booking

To ensure complete safety, each villa will be booked for only one group at a time, instead of taking room-wise bookings for separate groups. However, individual room bookings are only applicable in a select-few villas.

Shared Pool

Swimming pools that are shared amongst multiple villas will not be accessible to any guests.

Book Now, Pay Later

To ensure guest satisfaction, a flat fee of INR 4,999 will be applied to confirm a booking. The balance payment will be collected before the check-in date, just like our usual booking policy.

Assured Staff Accommodation

Given the current circumstances, guests will be on the lookout for the safety of their helping staff. In order to ensure their well-being, we will be providing 3 extra beds to be used within the living premises, free of charge. The staff quarters will not be made accessible. 

Free Kitchen Usage

We understand how important home cooked meals are at the moment. All villas will have free access to the kitchen, so that you can prepare your own meals hassle-free. The tariff, however, will change accordingly. 

Recreation Games

In order to prevent close contact, all board and card games will not be accessible to the guests. Nonetheless, racquet games and other outdoor sports equipment will be provided, and disinfected after every use. We will also be providing our guests with E-games as an additional recreational activity to do during their stay. 


We understand that you may have some additional questions pertaining to your stay. We are available to respond to all queries, however, please check the following list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if it is covered, or if you need further assistance. 


When will you start taking villa bookings? 

In line with safety guidelines, we are currently only taking bookings for guests who are stuck at a certain place because of the lockdown. Once the authorities allow, we will open bookings for all guests as per norms defined. Meanwhile, you can buy our gift card/travel voucher and utilise it anytime over the next 6 months. 

What precautions are you taking to ensure that the villas are safe?

We have taken elaborate measures to ensure that all our homes are safe. These include disinfection after all checkout areas, staff hygiene measures, sanitization and sterilization as per the guidelines defined by WHO, 24-hour gap between consecutive bookings, and safety kit provisions. 

Further, we are asking guests and service providers to adhere to our guidelines of sanitising their hands at entry points, wearing masks and gloves. We have also made it mandatory for all visitors to have the Aarogya Setu app installed. You can read more about these measures here. 

Are you monitoring your villa staff’s health?

Yes, all staff members are strictly monitored by checking their temperatures daily. We have also made it mandatory for the staff to install the Aarogya Setu app. 

Are you providing free cancellation?

Yes, free cancellation is available if cancelled 14 days prior to the check-in date. Even if cancelled after that, we will be able to provide you an option to reschedule your booking to any date in the next 6 months, subject to cancellation being for reasons related to COVID-19.

Do we need to provide any information before confirming the booking?

Yes, we are taking additional information other than ID proofs from all guests to ensure safety of the homes, the staff and future guests staying at the property. Additional information include details on your travel history, recent medical history and current residential address. Furthermore, all our guests have to download the Aarogya Setu app.

Are you providing travel history of guests who have stayed here at your villas previously?

As mentioned above, we are taking all precautions to ensure no one with any traces of COVID-19 or possibility of contact with a positive patient stays at our home. Owing to privacy concerns, this is the most we can do to assure you that our homes are safe. 

Do we have to carry our own masks, gloves and other protective equipment?

Although, all our homes have extra masks and gloves but those are to be used in emergency only. It is strongly recommended to carry your own masks, gloves and other protective equipment that you deem necessary. 

Are all services available during the stay?

As precautionary measures, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide certain services like access to common swimming pool, board games, and contact services like serving water, tea/coffee by staff. 

Do all your homes provide safe accommodation for our staff?

Most of our homes do have a separate staff quarter where you can accommodate up to 3 of your staff members at an additional charge. These areas are disinfected with the same process as the other parts of the home. For homes where there is no separate staff quarter, we can provide up to 3 extra mattresses in the common areas. 

What provisions do you have for medical emergencies related to COVID-19?

All our homes have contact details and addresses of nearby hospitals. Furthermore, we have kept one isolation room which will be shut during your stay and can be utilised only for emergencies. 

What are the food provisions at your homes?

We understand that food might be the biggest concern during these times and hence we have made the kitchen accessible at all our homes, so you can take along your cook or make your own food during the stay. If required, at an additional charge, we can also provide services of a cook who is trained to adhere to our guidelines of food preparation and kitchen usage. 

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