Turn your spare property into a monetizing business

by Kirti Kabra
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So you have a spare property somewhere in the woods, by the countryside or on a mountain top – Besides visiting it once or twice a year, how else do you make use of it? This beautiful house that you’ve built with an aim to enjoy for the rest of your life is slowly turning into a money pit and you don’t know how to turn it around. 

Well, here’s an idea. The best and most financially beneficial way to utilize a spare property is by transforming it into a holiday home.

You would ask why?  

You already own a spare villa or homestay, all you need to do is make it available to the others to enjoy it as well, at the same time make money out of it. A holiday home makes it easier for you to take a break without having to spend any extra bucks. In addition to adding personal value, it also gives you an added benefit of renting it out and earn income on it. 

In this day and age when people are constantly looking for ways to get out of the city, catch up with friends and simply cool off, what better way to make the most of your second home than by turning it into a vacation rental. However, more often than not, most people face the challenge of finding the right kind of audience for their properties. Depending on the home structure, layout and location, your audiences can differ. 

Reaching out to individual groups looking for holiday villas can seem daunting. Managing the well-being of your property, ensuring guests have a pleasant stay and come back for more, fixing rental prices and ensuring the payments go through and to top it all, on-field service, can make you think otherwise about renting your property. However, fret not, because worst nightmares can now be taken care of by Vista Rooms – travel experts that can take care of your property like their own and you can sit back at home and enjoy a generous side income. 

Curious to know more? Get in touch to find the best managers for your second home. Earn the financial return your home deserves by positioning it in front of a global network of travelers. Your home will always be yours, we just help turn it into a money spinner!

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